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gardening for wildlife

Creative garden services for Beeston + nearby

My garden at home.

Bespoke plant plans; border designs; plant sourcing and supply; planting-up and maintenance to help make the year-round best of your garden.

Gardening with wildlife and biodiversity in mind is something I integrate in all the work I do – for example: I only use / recommend peat-free composts, and do not use systemic pesticides. I can also help you create more specific spaces for wildlife in your garden, whether it’s planting plans for pollinators, native wildflower ‘meadow’ lawns, or wildlife ponds.

Small projects, budgets, and gardens are all very welcome.


Seasonal posies, arrangements, and wreaths created from my garden and foraged nearby. Local delivery only. See flora for further details, and my gallery for examples of previous arrangements.


A voucher can be for any amount (starting from £15) and are redeemable against any Hortulus service or product. I can post out to you, or directly to the recipient.

Please contact me for further details using the form on my contact page.


No one wants to be worrying ‘how much is all this costing?!’ when they’re gardening.
I’d like to help, whatever your available budget – so don’t be shy! Please talk to me frankly about your budget, costs, and my fees.

Advice + Consultation
I offer a simple two-tier advice service:

1. A visit to your garden (up to 1 hour) to give advice, ideas or plant suggestions. You’ll want to take notes! (£30)
2. Option 1, PLUS a bespoke, digital brochure about your garden project containing everything you asked about. This will be emailed to you two-three days after your consult, and includes photographs of your garden, plant species, products, hints and tips, and design advice – all fully researched, and easy-referenced (no need to take notes!) with clickable links straight through to the websites of reputable suppliers, growers, or information*, for your convenience. (+£75)
If you subsequently need help buying plants I can help with that too, for a small additional fee.

Planting Design (POA)
I offer lots of options for creative planting schemes. Planting plans and border schemes – either working with your existing plants, or coordinating with your landscape architect / gardener / builder to populate soft landscape areas within a brand new garden project. All are hand-rendered in mixed media.
I can also offer ‘Live’ planting design – perhaps of plants you have already purchased – setting out plants in the best place and combination. The fee for this is the same as my hourly rat (see below).

Garden / Border Maintenance, Wildlife Gardening + Planting (£25 per hr)
Garden / Border maintenance (e.g. seasonal tidying, pruning, topiary, deadheading, repotting, moving plants, cutting-back, weeding, lifting and dividing, propagating, biological pest treatments.)
Wildlife Gardening (e.g. habitat creation, wildflower sourcing, planting and care, lawn meadows.)
Planting – right plant; right place. If you would only like me to source specific plants for you, and you plant them yourself, I can do this for a small fee.

Bespoke service (POA)
Full project design and plant: Planting plan, plant sourcing, planting, and border maintenance (optional).

Please see my Flora page for details on these.

All jobs can be invoiced stage by stage.

*Please note: I do NOT receive commission or incentives from the companies I link to. I select them, not for being the cheapest price, but because I genuinely order from them myself; they are experts/specialists in their field, or I have come across them in my work, and would recommend. I endeavour to support local, independent companies as much as I can, and choose nurseries over Garden Centres for plant supply. Other suppliers are, of course, always available who may be cheaper or nearer.

Being new to gardening, I was pretty overwhelmed when confronted with planting a large raised bed. But no worries… Tamar to the rescue! Tamar created a beautiful bespoke planting scheme, taking into account everything a true gardener would know, and my preferences. The result is wonderful and feels truly personal, giving us joy all year round”

West Bridgford, Nottingham

“We urgently needed a planting scheme for the front garden of our new build to satisfy planning conditions. Tamar pulled out the stops for us at very short notice and designed a beautiful, colourful, easy-to-implement and care for scheme which complements our frontage and the street/houses nearby. The Council approved the scheme and we are looking forward to making the garden plan a reality later this summer.

Thurgaton, Nottingham